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Black and White - A Noir-Brainer

Posted by Charmer on

Here's a reliable, no-brainer tip for your winter wardrobe. Black and white are in! As far as we're concerned they were never out. But at the recent MBFW we saw a stunning catwalk showcase of Aussie designers Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hickfuss' label "Tenpieces" shot in cinemagraphic style at Bondi Icebergs, that certainly lifts the bar in edgy designs using monochromatic tones.

So the designs may be a little "light" in fabric for our chilly Melbourne winters, but the basic principles of how to layer and wear black are there. Very Melbourne indeed. And here at NCHQ we couldn't help but compare the use of the white stripe against black in the Tenpieces designs to our own design in the very popular dress "LBD with White Detail". This dress is now available for only $55.97 and comes with free postage! Wear it in winter with thick tights and boots, or sheer pantihose and pumps. Team it with a long black coat and scarf of your choice and you will be fashion forward without trying too hard. Always the best way.

Couture’s the Cure

Like plenty of others, I love a red carpet affair. The stylist part of me does get a little picky i.e. she should wear her hair up in that dress, wrong earrings for that outfit etc but the majority of my brain purely wants to see either a gorgeous frock that only comes about every [...]

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The Sweetest Thing

So today I’m not going to write about wrap dresses, LBD’s for special occasions, shoes, the Duchess of Cambridge, dressing for your body shape in winter etc. These things are topics I know you like to read about but sometimes it’s nice to get off topic and simply enjoy a sweet moment that will lift [...]

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I’ve always been a fan of the Shift Dress, especially on other people. Due to my body shape (inverted triangle thank you very much) I find that unless there is definition between the upper and lower parts of the dress, without clinching at the waist-line (hard ask, I know), I’m better off steering clear.I’ve been [...]

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A Dress Fit for a Duchess

I have to admit something. Since the royals recently ventured down near our shores and with the onslaught of media coverage that follows, I have developed a bit of a fascination with The Duchess of Cambridge. Or Kate as I will call her. I didn’t pay any attention to her when she was courting Wills; [...]

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Boots ‘n All

I’m always researching fashion trends, usually a year in advance. But what Europe or New York says will be hot during their up-coming seasons is not necessarily true for the Australian market at the time the season arrives. Buyers are influenced by so many things that it becomes a fine art to pick exactly what [...]

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Oscar at the Oscars 2014

I’m exhausted today thanks to the best Oscar night I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off the tele, which is unusual as I’m usually cringing by the 5 minute mark thanks to the lame jokes by the presenter. But this year Ellen did a fantastic job and turned her own cringe moments into [...]

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Tote’s Loving It!

Excuse the heading. I’m trying to be clever with my titles. Might not work on some. But I was amused with myself for just a second.Over the last weekend I spent some time walking around the gorgeous city of Melbourne, carrying all my usual paraphernalia in my bag. It occurred to whilst sitting on the [...]

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Fashion Buys for Autumn/Winter 2014

Sourcing and creating designs for your own label involves lots of research in trends, patterns and styles. And it helps to listen to those in the know, even though they can sometimes be wrong. But you generally find a consensus on what’s hot and what’s not for upcoming seasons.We thought we would share with you [...]

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In the Navy

It’s HOT in Melbourne at the moment. Recent weeks of summer have been extreme, just when everyone returns to work. Why does it do that? I woke this morning to find that my interest in my usual work wardrobe had faded due to the heat. What do you wear to work when it is stifling hot [...]

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